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How to rip 2D DVD to 3D movies to iPhone

Playing 3D movies on iPhone will no longer be a dream. Now it can comes true with a special DVD Ripper, which will support to convert DVD to 3D videos to play on iPhone. In addition, this DVD Ripper also has the ability to enable you to freely edit DVD videos for your iPhone and More

How to convert DVD to ASF

What is ASF?

ASF, also known as Advanced System Format, is Microsoft’s proprietary digital audio/digital video container format, especially meant for streaming media. ASF is part of the Windows Media framework. The most common file types contained within an ASF file are More

How to convert DVD to RMVB

If you want to make backup copies of your DVDs, it is quite simple to convert the files from DVDs. Saving movies in your pc can occupy a lot of space on your hard drive though, so compressed your DVD to some smaller file format will save more space for you. RMVB is a type of compression that is More

How to convert DVD to VOB

This guide will show you how to convert DVD to VOB format in a fast and easy way.
What is VOB?
VOB is a container format in DVD-Video media. VOB can contain video, audio, subtitle, menu and navigation More

How to convert FLV to DVD

We usually get many funny videos from video website, such as YouTube, Hulu, Music, MySpace, Metacafe, Google Video, etc. When you downloaded these files, you will find that they are all in FLV format. FLV, short for Flash Video, is a proprietary file format used to deliver video over the internet More

How to copy a DVD movie

There may be many reasons for why we need to make a copy of a DVD. The most important thing is why we need to copy a DVD movie, but how. When we want to copy a DVD movie or something else we can find many reasons for More

How to convert DVD to 3G2 on Mac

3G2, also known as 3GPP2, is a multimedia container format defined by the 3GPP2 for 3G CDMA2000 multimedia services. It is very similar to the 3GP file format, but has some extensions and limitations in comparison to 3GP.

The 3G2 file format can store the same video More

How to convert DVD to MOV for QuickTime

Some people may happen to meet such problem that they cannot play DVD on QuickTime player, which can be a popular video player currently. Actually, if you want to play movies and music from your DVD on QuickTime what you may need is a More

How to convert DVD to MKV

We usually want to find some high quality resource to enjoy on our mobile devices such as mobile phone, tablets, etc. Actually, DVD and blu-ray will always be our best choice. Nonetheless, we cannot avoid the damage made during the process of converting DVD to popular video formats. But we can More

How to make a DVD disc from video

In the last article, I have introduced how to copy Harry Potter DVD for backup. And in this post, I will show Harry Potter fans that just have video version on pc to make a Harry Potter disc for memory. And what we need to prepare is a More