How to burn MPEG to DVD

Some people may happen to have such situations, “I have various home videos that I want to save onto a DVD and watch it on my DVD player, the only problem is that is in MPEG format. Is there a free program on the web? I need it easy enough to use” If you also want to know the answer, then here I will recommend one for you. That is Leawo MPEG to DVD Creator.
MPEG to DVD Creator is the best DVD authoring software which enables you to burn MPEG to DVD easily. You can burn MPEG to DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO file. Following I will make a brief introduction of the specific steps.
Make preparations:
1. MPEG to DVD Converter
2. Windows Os computer
3. Blank DVD disc

Step-by-Step guide to burn MPEG to DVD
Step1. Load MPEG files to DVD Creator
After installed MPEG to DVD Creator to your computer, run it and then drag the MPEG files to the program or click “Add” to import MPEG files to MPEG to DVD Converter.

Step2. Customize
Clicking “Burn to DVD” button to choose a menu style according to menu template themes, or you can add your own picture and music to personalize DVD menu.

Step3. Settings
Go to “Next” to access to the following panel. You need to set corresponding items if necessary as below. When you choose TV standard, you can refer to the following picture.

Step 4. Burning MPEG to DVD
After all the above steps have been set, click on “Start” to begin to burn MPEG to DVD. The program will automatically burn MPEG to DVD within the shortest time.
Now you can enjoy any MPEG files on DVD players. Get started to finish this DVD burning process by your own based on the above fast and easy steps.

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