How to burn Xvid to DVD

Some people raise the question that how to convert Xvid to DVD. Leawo DVD Creator can help you to burn Xvid to DVD easily. This guide will show you how to convert Xvid by using Leawo DVD Creator.

What is Xvid?

Xvid is a popular MPEG-4 video codec created for offering a free alternative to other commercial video codec. It is an open source with high quality and efficiency, with the purpose of compressing video so as to allow fast transmission over computer networks or for more efficient storage on computer disks. Xvid encoded files can be written to CD or DVD and played in a DVD player.
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Guide: How to convert Xvid to DVD
Step1. Load Xvid videos to DVD Creator
Download and install the DVD Creator to your pc and start it. And then click “Add” to import files to the program or directly drag to the program. You can preview the video by double clicking it.

Step2. Customize output DVD video
You can add some special effects to the video such as trim, crop, effect and watermark by clicking “Edit”.

Step3. Choose the menu template.
Through clicking on “Burn to DVD” a big button on the right bottom of the main interface you can select your preferred DVD menu from the built-in DVD menu templates. Or you can customize your DVD menu according to your preference by using your own pictures and music as the background picture and music.

Step4. Go to “Next” for setting
After choosing the template for the menu you can click “Next” to enter the settings page where you can change the corresponding items under “Options”, “Video Settings”. Choose a “DVD Disc” type and “Video Quality” according to your requirement.

Step5. Start to convert Xvid to DVD and burn Xvid to DVD disc
After you have accomplished settings, you can click “Start” to begin the Xvid to DVD conversion. Then you can enjoy Xvid on any DVD players and wide-screen TVs freely.


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