How to convert avi to DVD on Mac

“I have recorded lots of video clips with avi format, and want to record them to a DVD disc for backup; do you have some good ideas about converting AVI to DVD on Mac? If you have, could you show me the specific steps about converting AVI to DVD on Mac?”
I think many people have met such a problem. Converting AVI to DVD on Mac is quite possible with a Mac AVI to DVD Converter. If you want to convert AVI to DVD on Mac, follow the below steps about the AVI to DVD conversion on Mac.
Make preparations:
1. Mac AVI to DVD Converter
2. Mac Os computer
3. DVD disc

Step1. Load AVI videos to Mac AVI to DVD Converter
After downloaded and installed Mac AVI to DVD Converter, launch the program and drag and drop the videos to the program or click “Add” to import.

Step2. Edit (Optional)
Edit functions are provided by this Mac AVI to DVD Converter. Click “Edit” to access to edit panel, five edit functions are offered to you for customization: Trim, Crop, Rotation, Effect and Watermark.

-3D effect also exists. Various 3D effects are provided: Red/Cyan, Blue/Yellow, and Interleaved, side by side.

Step3. Customize DVD menu
Click “Burn to DVD” button to enter into a panel for customizing DVD menu. Mac AVI to DVD Converter has provided you with various menus. You can choose one you prefer from those presets.

If you want to customize DVD menu, you can click “Customize Menu” button. Five columns are provided:
Themes—choose one from Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, Others, or customize one,
Background—free to customize Gallery, Music, color, and picture for background, you can also set a video as the background,
Button—chooses the Frame Style and Icon Style in this column.
Caption—click an object on the preview area, and then input the new caption on the below.
Advanced—you can set menu properties and style of the focused menu item here.

Step4. Settings & Converting AVI to DVD on Mac
Then click “Next” to enter into setting panel. In Options, choose the output in “Save To”. In Video Settings, choose the TV Standard, Aspect Ratio, Size, Disc Type and Video Quality. And then click the “Start” button to start converting AVI to DVD on Mac.

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