How to convert DVD to iPhone 4S (with teaching Video )

IPhone 4S has been released on Oct.4, although Steve Jobs died on Oct.5 and the promotion of iPhone 4S would be delayed for one day, people would also paid more attention to the last smart phone from Jobs. So as to memorize Jobs, most people may focus more on this iPhone 4S. IPhone can be said the effort of Jobs. Since the gone away of Jobs, many people may realize that the life is short and we need to cherish our life, our families, and happy memories. Maybe you want to recall the old happy memory recorded on DVDs on your new iPhone 4S, and then you can follow this below passage to learn how to convert DVD to iPhone 4S.You can also follow the teaching video as below.
Make preparations:
1. DVD to iPhone 4S Converter
2. Windows Os computer
3. DVD disc

Tutorial: How to convert DVD to iPhone 4S
Step1. Load DVD files to DVD to iPhone 4S Converter
Insert DVD disc which recorded your happy time into your hard drive, start DVD to iPhone 4S Converter and then click “Add” to import DVD to DVD to iPhone 4S Converter.

Step2. Do some selections:
1. Choose the titles or chapters you want to convert to iPhone 4S.
2. Choose the Subtitle and Audio language in Subtitle and Audio.
3. Choose MP4 as the output format in the drop down box of “Profile”.
4. Deicide the destination for converted files in “Output”.

Step3. Settings
You can click “Settings” to adjust the parameter of the video clips such as video codec, video size, frame rate, bit rate and so forth.

Step4. Edit (Optional)
You can trim the video length, crop the video size, adjust effect and add watermark to video clips by clicking “Edit” so as to get better effect.

Step5. Converting DVD to iPhone 4S
Then you can revisit the home page and click “Convert” to start converting DVD to iPhone 4S. After finishing DVD to iPhone 4S conversion, you can click “Open” to get the converted file and sync them to iTunes, then you can enjoy your DVD on your iPhone 4S.

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