How to convert DVD to iPod Touch on Mac

What looks extremely same as iPhone4? The answer will absolutely be iPod Touch. IPod Touch can be a twin of iPhone 4 but it is a video and audio player. We can do many things with iPod Touch, for example, listening to the music, face talking, HD video recording, playing games and playing movies. Although many resources for iPod Touch have been provided by iTunes and Apple apps, however, you need to buy movies and TV shows or rent them on iTunes store. If you want to watch free movies, what you need is a DVD to iPod Touch Converter, which will help to get free DVD movies for iPod Touch.
Guide: How to convert DVD to iPod Touch on Mac
Make preparations:
1. Mac DVD to iPod Touch Converter
2. Mac Os X computer
3. DVD disc

Step1. Load DVD files to Mac DVD to iPod Touch Converter
Insert DVD disc to the hard drive, launch the program and click “Add” or directly drag and drop the DVD files to the program.

Step2. Choose the output format
After you have added DVD files to the program, there will be a list showing in which you can choose the subtitle and audio language, and then you can click the iPod Touch icon in the end of each file to access to the following panel, in which you can choose the “iPod Touch” in “Apple” column.

Step3. Settings (Optional)
Click “+” button showing on the bottom of the above image to enter into settings section. You can set video codec, quality type, video size, bit rate, frame rate and aspect ratio.

Step4. Set the output
On the top menu, you can click “Preference” to choose “Convert” so as to get the panel in which you can decide the destination for converted files.

Step5. Convert DVD to iPod Touch
Revisit the home page and click “Convert” to start converting DVD to iPod Touch on Mac. After conversion, you need to sync the converted files to iTunes and then transfer them to your iPod Touch for enjoyment.

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