How to convert DVD to MP4

Mp4–As we all know, MP4 is a method of defining compression of audio and visual digital data (AV). It was introduced in late 1998 and designated a standard for a group of audio and video coding formats and related technology agreed upon by the ISO-IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MEPG). It is widely used online and in portable devices. People enjoy the benefit of MP4 including enjoying all kinds of video clips or movies on the web or mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone, Blackberry and so forth.
DVD—short for Digital versatile Disc, is a compact disc for storage. It can provide films whose definition is similar to the standard TV programs. And it can be used to store high-quality music and movies.
So how can we convert DVD to MP4 to enjoy on mobile devices? Following I will make a brief introduction.
Download and install Leawo DVD ripper

Step-by-Step guide:
Step1. Import DVD files.
Start the DVD ripper and insert the DVD disc to your hard drive, and then click “Add” to import DVD files, ISO images or IFO files. And then choose the titles and chapters you want to convert to MP4 in the list which will show after you have added the DVD files.

Step2. Choose the Output format
You can choose the output format in the drop down box of “Profile”. Choose “(*MP4)” in common video or choose the corresponding devices such as iPhone, PSP, iPad, iPod, Android mobile phones or Windows mobile phones etc.

Step3. (Optional) Click “Edit” to edit video in your desire.
Click the titles or chapter you want to edit for, and then click “Edit”, you can view the video clip by double clicking it and then it will be shown on the built-in player on the right.

Trim—you can drag the button on the slides to trim the video or change the start Time, End Time and the Clip Length.

Crop— Choose “Letter Box” from “Zoom” and crop the video in “Cropped size“, or directly drag the dot frame for it. Click “OK” to confirm the settings.

Effect—you can adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Volume Zoom by dragging the slides.

Watermark—you can add an image or enter a text to be the watermark to the video clip. Click “T” button to adjust its font properties, set its transparence and position to create a text watermark.

Step4. Setting
You can set the parameters such as video size, video codec, bit rate, frame rate and aspect ratio for video clips by click “Settings”. In the Video Size, you can choose the size as per your device.

Step5. Convert DVD to MP4
After all the settings completed, click “Convert” to start DVD to MP4 conversion.

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