How to convert DVD to MPEG

This guide will share users the simplest way to convert DVD to MPEG movies with Leawo DVD to MPEG Converter. Leawo DVD to MPEG Converter is a professional tool for users to convert DVD to MPEG format with easy and convenient steps. And you can also edit the video to the deal effect with this converter.
About MPEG
Short for Moving Picture Experts Group, and pronounced m-peg, is a working group of the ISO. The term also refers to the family of digital video compression standards and file formats developed by the group. MPEG generally produces better-quality video than competing formats, such as Video for Windows, Indeo and QuickTime. MPEG files previously on PCs needed hardware decoders (codecs) for MPEG processing. Today, however, PCs can use software-only codecs including products from RealNetworks, QuickTime or Windows Media Player.
About DVD
DVD is an optical disc storage media format, invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic in 1995. DVDs offer higher storage capacity than compact discs while having the same dimensions.

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Guide: How to convert DVD to MPEG
1. Load DVD resource
This DVD to MPEG Converter has offered two ways to load DVD resource. Insert DVD to the hard drive, first way is to click “Add” to get the DVD files, and the second is to click “File” and then choose “Load DVD”.

2. Choose the DVD video clips
After adding the DVD, a list will be showing following, and then you need to choose the titles and chapters you want to convert. As to make sure you do the right selection, you can double click on the video clip to play it in the preview window.
3. Basic settings
Choose the corresponding option in Subtitle, Audio, and Angle to make a determination of what subtitle, soundtrack and angle you would like to combine into the output video. And in “Profile” you need to choose MPEG as the output format.

4. Editing
You can trim, crop, adjust effect and watermark the video clips by clicking “Edit” to adjust the video quality.

5. Convert
Simply click “Convert” to start the DVD to MPEG conversion.

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