How to convert MP4 from YouTube to DVD

“I’m doing a project for History and I found a really nice documentary on YouTube that I would really like to put on a DVD. I have downloaded the video as an MP4 file, but now the problem is finding a reliable MP4-to-DVD converter.”
If you are still finding a reliable MP4 to DVD Converter, you can stop to see Leawo MP4 to DVD Converter, which is not only a reliable converter for converting MP4 to DVD, but also a professional tool for editing and customizing input video to better effect.  In addition to MP4 videos, it can also convert various popular videos such as WMV, AVI, MOV, etc. to DVD. Following is the guide for converting MP4 video from YouTube to DVD.

Download and install MP4 to DVD converter.

Full guide:How to convert MP4 from YouTube to DVD
Step1. Load MP4 videos to MP4 to DVD Converter
Open the program and click “Add” to import MP4 videos to the program. You can preview the files by double clicking the title of the name. You also can click “Download” to directly download online.

Step2. Choose DVD menu
Click “Burn to DVD” on the right bottom of the main interface to select a DVD menu template. YouTube to DVD Converter has provided many templates for users to choose and you can also add her favorite song and picture to be the background music and background image.

Step3. Settings
You can choose your own volume label. And choose burn video to ISO File or DVD Folder. In “Options“, you can choose the destination for you to save the output file. In “Video Settings“, you can select the suitable TV Standard and Aspect Ratio.

Step4.Convert MP4 videos to DVD
Then click “Start” and a dialog box will pop up to let you choose either burning to a DVD disc immediately or creating a DVD ISO image in your hard disc for later burning. Then you can choose burning to a DVD disc. And do remember to insert the blank DVD to your hard drive.

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