How to convert MP4 to DVD on Mac

Download lots of classic MP4 format movies? And want to enjoy MP4 files in a more easeful way in your living room on the couch? Because of the limitations of DVD players, MP4 format videos cannot be played directly on DVD player. Thus, if you want to enjoy MP4 movies in a comfortable way with your home DVD player you need convert MP4 to DVD on Mac.
Well, this tutorial will share you the step-by-step instructions about how to convert MP4 to DVD on Mac to play on home DVD player.
Step1. Download MP4 to DVD Converter for Mac
Download MP4 to DVD Converter for Mac; meanwhile, install it into your computer.

Step2. Load MP4 Videos
Launch MP4 to DVD Converter for Mac, click “Add” or directly drag and drop MP4 files to the program. With its built-in player, you can preview the video.

Step3. Edit video (Optional)
Open the “Edit” panel, five functions are provided for you to edit video: Trim, Crop, Rotation, Effect and Watermark.

Step4. Customize DVD menu
Click “Burn to DVD” button to enter into the following interface. Various DVD menu templates are provided for you to choose from: Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, Others. Unfold each option you will get many sub templates. If you want to customize your DVD menu, click “Customize Menu”.

Step5. Settings and converting MP4 to DVD on Mac
Click “Next” to set the parameter of the video clips. In Options, if you want to create DVD later, then choose create image file and carry out DVD creation after-done actions and the destination for you to save the output file. In Video Settings, select TV standard, aspect ratio, etc. After all above have been concluded, click “Start” to convert MP4 to DVD on Mac.

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