How to convert YouTube to DVD on Mac

We always get many latest and popular videos from YouTube for it is the biggest video sharing site globally. It cannot only share us with various videos but also provide us latest movies. If YouTube video can be enjoyed on DVD player or TV, how great it will be. Do you have such an idea as well? If you want to enjoy YouTube on TV or DVD player, you need to convert YouTube to DVD with a YouTube to DVD Converter. YouTube to DVD Converter is a great tool for users to convert YouTube to DVD on Mac and edit videos to better effect.
Guide: How to convert YouTube to DVD on Mac
Step1. Download Mac YouTube to DVD Converter

Step2. Import YouTube video to Mac YouTube to DVD Converter
Click “Add” or directly drag and drop YouTube video to the program, you can preview it in built-in player.

Step3. Edit
Click “Edit” on top menu to edit videos in your desire, five editing functions are provided: Trim, Crop, Effect, Rotation and Watermark.

Step4. Choose DVD menu
Click “Burn to DVD” to locate the following panel, you can select one preferred DVD menu from the presets. YouTube to DVD Converter has provided you with DVD menu editor function, you can click “Customize Menu” to edit menu.

Step5.Settings & Converting YouTube to DVD on Mac
Click “Next” to set the parameter for output. If you want to directly convert to DVD disc, make sure that you have DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW hard drive (insert DVD disc into the hard drive) ticks “Burn to Disc”. In Options, choose the output in “Save to”. In Video Settings, decide the TV Standard (see the below picture for your reference), Aspect Ratio, and Disc Type. Following you can click “Start” to start converting YouTube to DVD on Mac.

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