How to copy a DVD movie

There may be many reasons for why we need to make a copy of a DVD. The most important thing is why we need to copy a DVD movie, but how. When we want to copy a DVD movie or something else we can find many reasons for that, maybe we want to keep it for long, maybe we want to copy one to be a gift for friend…Although there are many reasons to copy DVD movie, but the most efficient way will always be one that is to use a DVD Copy.

This post will show this most efficient way to you all.

Download free trial DVD Copy and install it in your pc

Firstly, launch DVD Copy, insert DVD disc to your pc and then click “Source” to choose DVD movie you would like to import. You can import DVD movies from DVD disc, DVD Folder or DVD ISO image.

Secondly, click “Target” to choose how you like to copy DVD movie.

Thirdly, decide the “Disc Label” that is the name of the target file; you can change to anything you like.
Fourth, Decide the “Disc Size” that is the size required for copying
Fifth, click “Settings” to customize Work Space, Update Setting and other program options.
Work Space: the folder to put temporary files for DVD copy process.
Update Setting: set update frequency

Finally, click the big “Start” button to start the DVD copy process.

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