How to copy from DVD to DVD

Have you ever felt pity that most of your DVDs are only played on DVD player or computers which are quite unconvenient to take out? Have you ever been frustrated that your DVDs which have been kept for long have gradually been damaged by the ruthless years? I think most of us will happen to meet such kind of problems, but now we can properly avoid them all just by Leawo DVD Copy.
Actually, Leawo DVD Copy is a professional tool for users to copy from DVD to DVD disc, DVD to ISO, or copy DVD to folder. This DVD copy can successfully decrypt most commercial DVDs with CSS protections and then copy to another new disc for keeping or copying it to your pc for entertainment.The following is the detailed tutorial that will show you exactly how to copy DVD disc in easy steps.

Download Leawo DVD Copy and install it in your pc.

Step1. Launch Leawo DVD Copy, click “Source” to choose DVD movie you would like to import.

Input Ways

Output Ways

from DVD Disc

Disc, Folder, ISO

from DVD Folder

Disc, ISO

from DVD ISO


This chart is the input and output ways in detail.

DVD Disc means the hard copy of real DVD disc in your computer drive.
DVD Folder means the folder stored in your computer with DVD movie content.
DVD ISO means an archive file (also known as a disc image) of an optical disc in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Step2. Click “Target” to choose how do you like to copy DVD movie.

Step3. Decide the “Disc Label” that is the name of the target file, you can change to anything you like.
Step4. Decide the “Disc Size” that is the size required for copying
Step5. Click “Settings” to customize Work Space, Update Setting and other program options.

Step6. Click the big “Start” button to start the DVD copy process.

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