How to decrypt DVD protection and copy DVD

The first this you need to do before copying a DVD is to decrypt DVD CSS protection or other artificial restrictions. Then how you decrypt DVD protection? Here we will show you how to decrypt DVD protection and copy DVD with Leawo DVD Copy. Leawo DVD Copy is a professional program that can easily decrypt DVD with built-in decrypter and copy DVD to DVD folder, DVD ISO, etc.

Download and install DVD Copy.

How to decrypt DVD and copy DVD?

Step1. Launch Leawo DVD Copy, click “Source” to choose DVD movie you would like to import.

Input Ways

Output Ways

from DVD Disc

Disc, Folder, ISO

from DVD Folder

Disc, ISO

from DVD ISO


Step2. Click “Target” to choose how you like to copy DVD movie.

Step3. Decide the “Disc Labelthat is the name of the target file; you can change to anything you like.
Step4. Decide the “Disc Size” that is the size required for copying
Step5. Click “Settings” to customize Work Space, Update Setting and other program options.

Step6. Click the big “Start” button to start to decrypt and copy DVD.

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