How to rip a DVD on Mac

DVD can store large amount of media contents, and also provides us with high quality effect. So we usually purchase DVD so as to get high quality content for playing. However, the playing restriction that DVD can only played on hard drive or DVD ROM has made us a bit headache. If we want to enjoy DVDs on mobile devices or pc without hard drive, what should we do? So ripping DVD can be a good way to store DVD contents. No matter what kind of mobile devices you have, you just need to rip DVD to it supported formats. Then you can freely enjoy it.
Guide: How to rip a DVD on Mac
We need do some preparation before ripping a DVD on Mac. We should get a DVD Ripper for Mac, a Mac pc with hard drive or external hard drive, and your DVD disc.

Step1. Load DVD files to Mac DVD Ripper
Install and launch Mac DVD Ripper first, insert DVD disc to hard drive, and then click “Add” or directly drag and drop the DVD files to Mac DVD Ripper.

Step2. Set output format
Then there will be a list showing afterward, then click the clickable icon at the end of each file to enter into output format choosing panel, in which you can choose a widely-used format so as to keep on pc or you can choose one suitable for your mobile devices.

Step3. Settings
Then click “+” button or “Settings” on the above menu to enter into setting panel, you can set the parameter of the video clips so as to get better effect.

Step4. Ripping DVD on Mac
Finally you can click “Convert” the big button on the home interface to start to rip a DVD on Mac. After conversion, you can enjoy DVDs directly on your pc or transfer it to your mobile devices for enjoyment.

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