How to rip DVD to DVD

What is DVD?
DVD which is also known as Digital Versatile Disc is a popular media storage disc for people to store video, audio and other data.
Why do we need to rip DVD to DVD?
DVD can store lots of good movies and video clips, however it is easily to be scratched, so ripping DVD to DVD can protect DVD disc from scratches; and ripping DVD to DVD can share good video clips or happy memory such as wedding video recording, birthday video recording etc. to good friends; ripping DVD to DVD can help you to keep your favorite DVD for longer time…
How to rip DVD to DVD?
Make preparations:
1. DVD Copy
2. Windows Os computer
3. DVD disc

Step1. Launch DVD Copy, click “Source” to choose DVD movie you would like to import.

Input Ways

Output Ways

from DVD Disc

Disc, Folder, ISO

from DVD Folder

Disc, ISO

from DVD ISO


This chart is the input and output ways in detail.

DVD Disc means the hard copy of real DVD disc in your computer drive.
DVD Folder means the folder stored in your computer with DVD movie content.
DVD ISO means an archive file (also known as a disc image) of an optical disc in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Step2. Click “Target” to choose how do you like to copy DVD movie.

Step3. Decide the “Disc Label” that is the name of the target file; you can change to anything you like.
Step4. Click “Settings” to customize Work Space, Update Setting and other program options.

Step5. Click the big “Start” button to start the DVD copy process.

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