Tips on converting MP4 to DVD

MP4 to DVD Creator is a professional tool for users to  convert MP4 videos to DVD disc. If you have lots of MP4 videos and want to convert to DVD for enjoying with DVD player, then you deserve to have a MP4 to DVD Creator . Powerful editing and setting functions will make your MP4 videos more wonderful when enjoying on big screen.
Guide: How to convert MP4 to DVD

Step1. Import MP4 to MP4 to Creator
There are two ways to import MP4 video to MP4 to DVD Creator .
(a), download online videos to the program by clicking “Download” button.
(b), click “Add” to import your MP4 videos to the program.

Step2. Edit
Click “Edit” to enter into edit panel. Four functions are provided for you: Trim, Crop, Effect and Watermark.
Trim—adjust the video length as you like by deciding its start time and end time
Crop—get rid of the black margin of the video clips
Effect—adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and volume.
Watermark—add text or image logo to videos

Step3. Choose DVD menu
Click “Burn to DVD” to enter into DVD customizing panel, you can choose a DVD menu from the presets and set the background music and picture with your won.

Step4. Converting MP4 to DVD
Click “Next” to access to setting panel. In Options, decide the output in “Save To”, In Video Settings, choose the TV Standard, Aspect Ratio, Size, Disc Type and Video Quality. And then click “Start” to commence converting MP4 to DVD.

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