How to upload DVD to YouTube

At present, if you want to record and upload your parties, you can directly use your mobile phone, cameras or video recorders to record your happy time and then transfer to computers so as to put online. However, long time ago we were used to use DVD to record those happy time. I think most of you must have lots of DVD disc in your cupboard, which made you trouble to collect or put them online. Actually, DVD can also put online to YouTube as easy as the present video. What we need to do is to upload DVD to YouTube supported format with a DVD Ripper. As we know, YouTube can support FLV format, then let’s see how to convert DVD to FLV for YouTube.
Make preparations:
1. DVD Ripper
2. Windows Os computer
3. DVD disc

Tutorial: How to upload DVD to YouTube
First, load DVD files to DVD Ripper
Insert DVD disc to the hard drive, launch the DVD Ripper, and then click “Add” to load DVD files to the program.

Then there will be a list showing below in which you can tick the chapters or titles you want to convert.

Second, choose the output format
In the “Profile”, you can choose the FLV as the output format in the drop down box.

Third, do some selection
1. In Subtitle, choose the subtitle language
2. In Audio, choose the audio language
3. In Output, decide the destination of the converted files.
Fourth, uploading DVD to YouTube
Then you can click “Convert” to start converting DVD to FLV for YouTube, after conversion, you can click “Open” to get the converted files and then upload DVD to YouTube for sharing with friends.

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