How to use DVD Creator to make DVD

If you want to make a DVD from video but don’t know how to find a good DVD Creator and how to use DVD Creator to make a DVD, you come to the right place. Making a DVD is really quite easy and convenient with DVD Creator. Here I will show the specific steps about using DVD Creator to make DVD and meanwhile attached a teaching video for your reference.
At first, we need do some preparations: a DVD Creator, a Windows Os computer and a blank DVD (Optional), you can also convert video to your pc and then copy to your DVD disc.
Tutorial: how to use DVD Creator to make DVD

Step1. Load videos to DVD Creator.
After installed and launched DVD Creator in your pc, click “Add” to load videos to the program. You can double click the name of the video to preview it in the right display.

Step2. Edit.
Click “Edit” to adjust the video. You can trim the video length, crop the video size, adjust effect and add watermark to the videos. Remember to click “OK” for confirmation.

Step3. Choose DVD menu template.
Then click “Burn to DVD” to access to the panel in which you can choose the menu template from the presets. And you also can add your own background music and picture to the menu.

Step4. Settings
Click “Next” to enter into settings panel, in which you need to choose what kind of file you need burn to. And in “Option”, you need to decide the output for the converted files. And in “Video Settings” you can choose the TV Standard, video size, etc.

Step5. Convert Blu-ray to DVD
Finally, you just need to click “Start” to start converting videos to DVD.
All above are the specific steps about using DVD Creator to make DVD. If you want to make a DVD, then follow it to have a try. And you also can refer to the following teaching video of making a DVD.

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