Best answer: Which is better WD Green or WD Blue?

Specification Compared WD Blue SSD WD Green SSD
Capacity Range 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB 120GB, 240GB, 480GB
Sequential Read Speed 545 MB/s 545 MB/s
Form Factor 2.5 inch 2.5 inch
Interface Speed 6 Gb/s 6 Gb/s

Is WD green better than blue?

The WD Blue is their mainstream SSD, whereas the Green is their entry-level SSD and the Black is their high-end enthusiast-grade SSD. The WD Blue comes in two form factors: the standard 2.5-inch SATA form factor and as an M. … Regardless of form factor, all WD Blue SSDs will support the SATA 6Gbps interface.

Which color WD drive is best?

WD Blue and Green are used for the general purposes of storage, with Blue being slightly more reliable and Green being more eco-friendly. WD Black is for pure performance in media, gaming, and content creation.

What is the difference between blue and Green WD HDD?

Speed: Thanks to its 7,200 RPM spin speed, WD Blue offers solid performance for its price. Boasting 140+ MB/s read speeds and 130+ MB/s write speeds, it is faster than Green by about 25%. … While WD Green consume even less power (4.5 W), we have to remember that it is a slower drive.

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Are WD Green SSD any good?

Verdict. The WD Green 240 GB SSD suffers in comparison to its blue coloured cousin during write operations. That too by a margin too large to ignore. The budget segment doesn’t offer great performance, that’s a known trend.

Is WD Blue reliable?

The Blue series is cheaper by about 50 to 60 percent versus the Black. This is because the Blue series is slower, but also take a considerable hit in reliability. While the Black HDDs come with an excellent 5-year warranty from WD, the Blue include a meager 2 years and has been known to fail more frequently.

What do the WD drive colors mean?

WD Blue HDDs are mainly used for general purpose storage, they are great all-rounders, and an average user can’t go wrong with Blue. WD Green is basically same as Blue, but it lacks a bit of performance. … WD Red is a NAS drive. It’s optimized for NAS systems. WD Purple is for surveillance.

How long does a WD Red drive last?

A high LCC can shorten the lifespan of your drives. Even though WD certifies drives in the Red series to last at least 600,000 load cycles (in controlled environments), consider that the disks above were used in a home NAS, where they spent approximately two-thirds of the time in standby.

Is WD Purple better than blue?

Comparison Between The Two Hard Drive Types: WD Blue vs WD Purple. In essence, the differentiating features of the two types of hard drives would be that the WD Blue is intended for the basic desktop applications, while the WD Purple is best suited for the 24-hour functionality.

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Is WD Black faster than blue?

Yes, WD Black is superior to WD Blue in terms of performance. The sustain transfer speed of WD Blue is 147MB/s to 180MB/s, while the speed of WD Black reaches 202MB/s to 227MB/s.

Is WD Green SSD good for gaming?

WD Green drive is designed to be used as secondary storage and not meant for gaming. For gaming a WD Black is best followed by Blue.

Is WD Blue SSD good for gaming?

Simply put, the WD Blue SN550 is fantastic value for money. It’s got great random read and write speeds – better than almost every other budget NVMe SSD out there – and doesn’t cost that much more than the best SATA SSDs, either.

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