Can I ship an external hard drive?

You can also use shipping foam, but make sure that the hard drive cannot move during transit. Laptop Hard Drives – Use 3-6 inches of bubble wrap. … Pack your external hard drive firmly in at least 3-6 inches of bubble wrap.

How do I ship an external hard drive for shipping?

How To Pack Your Product

  1. Put the media in an antistatic bag or similar material to prevent ESD.
  2. Place the drive in a bubble wrap envelope or a box lined with bubble wrap.
  3. Do not use packing pellets, peanuts, air bags, or newspaper.

Can you send a hard drive through the mail?

We recommend shipping the drive in its original manufacturer’s packaging. If this is not possible, pack the hard drive in a sturdy corrugated cardboard box twice the size of the drive, with heavy foam padding, bubble wrap or other anti-vibration materials.

Can you wrap hard drives in bubble wrap?

Packing Hard Drives

You should always pack hard disk drives firmly in bubble wrap. … If your hard drive is not in an external enclosure (see below), put it in an anti-static bag before packing.

Do hard drives come in a box?

Retailers usually get these in a box of 20+ drives. Then they send these drives to you packed in their antistatic bag. Rarely do you get hdd’s in boxes nowadays.

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How do I send a courier hard drive?

Internal/External Laptop Hard Disks & USB/Portable Hard Drives: Please place your hard drive in an anti-static bag or Cover to avoid ESD or static electricity to damage during transit. Wrap each hard drive individually with a few layers of bubble wrap. If there are multiple drives please wrap them each individually.

How do I pack my SSD?

Pack the SSD in an ESD cover to avoid ESD damage. Place the SSD in a sturdy shipping box. Fill the box with bubble wrap, shipping foam or other non-static shipping material. Ensure adhesive tape firmly seals the box.

Can I put a hard drive in a Ziplock bag?

Never wrap a drive in plastic, or use plastic bags – that’s a no no.

How do I store a lot of hard drives?

Just put them up in a cabinet. Just stack them. But agree get some static bags, or use the ones they came in over. You really don’t need anything fancy.

Can I wrap a hard drive in paper?

Please wrap your drive securely in a few layers of big bubble wrap. … Place wrapped drive(s) in a box sized so it will not move around and is secure inside by additional packing paper or bubble wrap (DO NOT USE POPCORN OR PAPER FLAKES).

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