Can Media Player Classic play Blu ray?

Does Media Player Classic play Blu Rays?

MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Cinema) is a free and open-source video and audio player for Windows. For those people who try to find a free media player to play Blu-ray movies, MPC-HC can be one of your great choice.

Can you play a Blu-ray on a regular player?

Blu-ray will only play on Blu-ray specific drives and players. You cannot play a Blu-ray disc on a DVD or CD player. However, there are several brands of Blu-ray disc players and many new PC’s are coming with Blu-ray drives installed.

What video player can play Blu-ray?

1. Use VLC to Play Blu-ray Movies on Windows. VLC supports playing Blu-ray movies on your Windows computer or laptop if you do some extra operations. Note that 2.0 or later version of VLC is a must, so please upgrade your VLC if you are using an old version.

Does Media Player Classic play DVDs?

1) Launch “Media Player Classic” from “DVD software” under “Specialized Software.” 2) Select “File” Menu then “Open Disc” -> and then the title that is in the drive.

How do I play blu rays without a Blu-Ray player?

If your PC doesn’t have the drive to play Blu-ray discs or DVDs, there are several manufacturers that sell add-in optical drives or external drives. An external Blu-ray disc drive is the easiest option. Simply plug it in when you want to use it and put it away when you are done.

Does VLC play Blu-ray?

Play everything from audio CDs to Blu-ray movies using VLC Media Player. VideoLAN’s VLC Media Player software supports the playback of Blu-ray discs on compatible computers. The program is capable of playing a large variety of multimedia files, in addition to its support for optical media and video streaming.

How do I play Blu-ray on my DVD player?

Insert a Blu-ray/DVD disc into an internal or external Blu-ray/DVD drive on your computer. Click “Open Disc” and select your disc. Then click “OK” to load the inserted Blu-ray/DVD disc. Click “Play” to play the main movie.

Can Windows 10 play Blu-ray movies?

Windows 10 doesn’t include the built-in ability to play Blu-ray discs because Microsoft would have to pay a licensing fee to include that functionality. That option would drive up the cost of every single copy of Windows 10. Since most computers don’t even have Blu-ray players, Microsoft doesn’t offer the feature.

Is Media Player Classic free?

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is an extremely light-weight, open source media player for Windows®. … Plus Media Player Classic Home Cinema is 100% spyware free, there are no advertisements or toolbars. We care about keeping an open project, open and free for contributions wherever they may come from.

How good is Media Player Classic?

Media Player Classic is extremely lightweight and does t…” “A really good media player which I’ve never had a problem with. Combined with K-lite it’s fast, ligh…” MPC and VLC are my most used video players.

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