Can you RAID 2 different size hard drives?

Honorable. It can be done, however the raid size is restricted to the smallest drive in the array. It’s generally frowned upon to use different drive types, let alone sizes for RAID, but it can be done if you don’t mind sacrificing the extra space on your larger drive to do it.

Can I use different size hard drives in RAID?

You can always mix drive sizes in RAID. And in plain RAID you always get the smallest common size from all drives. So in your case, each drive use 4TB. If you added one 1TB drive, all the drives would act as 1TB drives.

Can you RAID 2 different brand hard drives?

Must hard drives in a RAID array be identical? No. It is perfectly valid to use hard drives from different manufacturers, model numbers, sizes, and rotational speed (spindle speed or RPM).

Do all drives in a RAID array have to be the same size?

The only absolute requirement for matching drive specs in a RAID 10 array is that the drives must be of the same architecture, e.g., all SAS or SATA.

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Can you RAID 2 different size SSD?

RAID requires equal sizes on all drives in the array, and will only use part of any larger drives to make them match the smallest drive in the array. So, if you did put the 240GB and 480GB into a RAID, you would get 2x240GB (480GB total) which is pretty pointless.

Do NAS hard drives have to be the same size?

Some NAS units absolutely require drives to be identically sized. If it is only capable of presenting one Volume to the network, this is good because dissimilar drives create wasted space. More advanced NAS units can present multiple Volumes, so you can deal with have sets of differently sized drives.

Does RAID 5 require identical drives?

Do all drives have to be the same model and capacity for a RAID 5 array? The short answer is No, the drives don’t have to be exactly the same. The longer explanation is that for compatibility reasons, we usually recommend using the same model.

Does RAID 1 need identical drives?

Drives don’t have to be the same. THe new one only needs to be larger. Identical is ideal, but no RAID requires identical drives. The answer is maybe, even among the same manufacturer’s drives; the requirement for a hard drive to meet its size rating is that it have at least the published amount of storage.

Can RAID 10 use different size drives?

You can however use the excess space in another array, if the excess space is the same size or larger as the additional array. So in short, yes, you are correct: Only half the space on the 2TB disks will be used.

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Is using RAID worth it?

RAID is extremely useful if uptime and availability are important to you or your business. Backups will help insure you from a catastrophic data loss. But, restoring large amounts of data, like when you experience a drive failure, can take many hours to perform.

What is the difference between RAID 1 and RAID 0?

The main difference between the RAID 0 and RAID 1 is that, In RAID 0 technology, Disk stripping is used. On the other hand, in RAID 1 technology, Disk mirroring is used. … RAID 0 stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disk level 0. While RAID 1 stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disk level 1.

Can you RAID 0 SSD?

You can RAID 0 your storage system with SSDs by distributing the separated data between two SSDs or more. Also referred to as data striping.

Does RAID 0 Increase Size?

RAID-0 will double the available space if you use it with two identically sized drives. It should also double the read speed, though this might not be the case with SSDs that can already saturate SATA.

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