How do I move my music library to an external hard drive on a Mac?

How do I move my Apple Music library to an external hard drive?

Move Your iTunes Library to an External Drive

  1. From the main iTunes menu, go to iTunes > Preferences then click Advanced. …
  2. Also in the Advanced Preferences windows, click Change.
  3. From the iTunes Media Folder Location windows, navigate to the new drive (Backup Plus for example).

How do I put Music on my external hard drive from Mac?

Click on Finder on your new Mac to open a Finder window. Select your new Mac’s hard drive. Click on the Music folder. Drag the iTunes folder from your external hard drive into the Music folder on your new Mac.

How do I export my Music library from my Mac?

Save a copy of a playlist in Music on Mac

  1. Save a copy of a single playlist or use it in Music on another computer: Select a playlist in the sidebar on the left, choose File > Library > Export Playlist, then choose XML from the Format pop-up menu.
  2. Save a copy of all your playlists: Choose File > Library > Export Library.
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How do I move photos library to external hard drive Mac?

Move your Photos library to an external storage device

  1. Quit Photos.
  2. In the Finder, go to the external drive where you want to store your library.
  3. In another Finder window, find your Photos Library. …
  4. Drag Photos Library to its new location on the external drive.

How do I play music stored on my external hard drive?

To summarize, the two methods you can use to play music directly from a hard drive are either to connect the drive to a receiver or other playback device which has the capacity to work with USB mass storage devices, or simply hook it up to a computer and use a media player.

How do I transfer music from computer to external hard drive?

Select the music you want to save on the external hard drive and drag the files over to the external hard drive window. The files will then begin to transfer. Do not disconnect the external hard drive or shut down the computer until this process is complete.

How do I transfer my iTunes library to a new Mac 2020?

How to Transfer iTunes Library to New Mac via External Hard Drive or USB Drive

  1. Find iTunes Media Folder Location. …
  2. Organize Library as Consolidate Files. …
  3. Drag iTunes Library Folder to New Mac. …
  4. Choose an Existing iTunes Library on New Mac. …
  5. Connect iPhone with AnyTrans Mac Version. …
  6. Select Files in iTunes Library and Send to Mac.

How can I copy my iTunes library to another computer?

Move your iTunes library to another computer

  1. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose File > Library > Organize Library.
  2. Select “Consolidate files.” Files remain in their original locations, and copies are placed in the iTunes folder.
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Can I play my iTunes library from an external hard drive?

Hold the Option key and open iTunes. … In the next window, navigate to the external drive and enter the iTunes folder. Find and select the iTunes Library file, and click Open. At this point, iTunes will open up from the new location, and will be accessing files from the external storage instead of the Mac’s storage.

How do I transfer my music to a new Mac?

In the Music app on your Mac, choose File > Add To Library or File > Import. If you selected “Copy files to Music Media folder when adding to library” in Files preferences, you see File > Import. Locate a file or folder, then click Open.

Can I have my iTunes library on two computers?

You can have iTunes on multiple computers, however your library will be unique to each computer. You can use home sharing with iTunes to share music from one library to another within the same household.

How do I access my old iTunes library?

Go to the My Documents > My Music > Previous iTunes Libraries folder.

  1. Navigate to Previous iTunes Libraries Folder. …
  2. Copy the Newest File in the Folder. …
  3. Restore Previous iTunes Library From A Backup (Mac & PC) …
  4. Tap on iTunes Repair from Homepage. …
  5. Choose iTunes Connection/Backup/Restore Errors.
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