Question: How do I delete data from WD My Cloud?

Click Finder and open the WD My Cloud device. Select the file you are going to delete. Place the cursor on the files and right-click, then select Move to Trash. Otherwise, select the file and press the Command + Delete buttons.

How do I delete files from WD My Cloud?

To do this, follow these steps: Select the corresponding files by clicking the checkmark in the upper corner of each thumbnail. Then a blue navigation bar will appear at the top of the screen showing several commands. Click on “Delete” and confirm your selection.

How do I delete everything from the cloud?

If you would no longer like to use myCloud, you can delete your existing myCloud account.

How do I delete all of my saved content?

  1. Go to your “Photos” or “Files” section.
  2. Select a photo or file.
  3. Click on “Select all” (only possible in the file area). …
  4. Select “Delete”.

How do I move files to WD My Cloud?

How to upload files to your My Cloud

  1. On the Start page, type Computer.
  2. Click Computer.
  3. In the left pane, click Network.
  4. Double-click the My Cloud device and locate the device’s Public folder.
  5. Double-click the Public folder. You can now drag and drop files into (and from) the Public folder using Windows Explorer.
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How do I delete a folder from the cloud?

Deleting objects

  1. In the Google Cloud Console, go to the Cloud Storage Browser page. …
  2. In the list of buckets, click on the name of the bucket that contains the object you want to delete. …
  3. Navigate to the object, which may be located in a folder.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the object you want to delete.

Can I delete my cloud storage?

You can also delete the files you have stored in iCloud Drive to free up iCloud storage. Go to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Manage Storage> iCloud Drive. You will see all the files stored in iCloud Drive. Swipe left and tap on the trash icon to delete the file.

Can I delete my cloud?

Only your myCloud account will be deleted; your Swisscom Login will not be affected. The definitive deletion of your data can take up to seven days.

How do I delete pictures out of my cloud?

How to delete photos & videos on Android.

  1. Select Photos & Videos.
  2. Tap … (three dots).
  3. Then Select Content.
  4. Tap the items to delete.
  5. Tap … (three dots) and Delete.
  6. You have options… Tap Move to Trash. (You can recover it within 30 days.) Or…
  7. You can go to Trash.
  8. Tap … (three dots) and Select Content.

Can I connect WD My Cloud directly to computer?

see less To summarize all the debate below: you CAN connect the My Cloud directly to your computer via Ethernet ONLY. You CANNOT use the USB port; the My Cloud is an intelligent network device, not a dumb* USB drive. As an intelligent network device, it can support additional drives of its own.

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Why can’t I connect to WD My Cloud?

Perform a reset of the WD My Cloud via the steps at this link. Disable any software firewall applications on the PC. Turn off all network devices. … Connect one PC directly via Ethernet wire to the same router that the WD My Cloud is connected to.

How do I recover data from WD My Cloud hard drive?

How to recover data from WD My Cloud Home

  1. Remove the drives from your WD My Cloud Home. …
  2. Connect the removed drive(s) to the computer. …
  3. Install UFS Explorer Professional Recovery on the computer and launch the program. …
  4. Find the WD My Cloud partition holding your data.

How do I access files on my WD My Cloud?

Go to Login with your account credential. From the device listing menu, select your My Cloud device. Navigate and click on the file and folder to access your content.

Can I use my cloud as external hard drive?

The first thing you need to know about the WD MyCloud is that it’s not a traditional external hard disk. This is not a device that you plug into a PC or a laptop and transfer files to. You do not carry this around with you when you go from place to place. The MyCloud device variants offer up to 8 TB of storage.

What is the IP address for WD My Cloud?

You can access these by opening or in your browser. The default IP, username, and password can also be found in the user manual of your router.

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