Question: What is WD SmartWare and do I need it?

WD SmartWare is designed to provide users with administrative controls over their external drives. Much like other software backup tools, WD SmartWare provides users with the ability to schedule automated backups at periodic intervals which will take place without requiring user input.

What is WD SmartWare used for?

WD unveiled their new SmartWare Pro software that enables users to easily back up files to any USB external hard drive or the cloud using their personal Dropbox. The software also provides users with the ability to restore or retrieve backed-up data.

Do I need to install WD SmartWare?

Select your Current Firmware

The VCD is necessary if you wish to install WD SmartWare or if you want to use the encryption and password protection features on the drive. If you don’t wish to run WD SmartWare or use the security features, you can disable the VCD following the steps below.

How do I disable WD SmartWare?

Once in the Device Manager, look at the list of devices. Click the “+” sign to open up the list of CD/DVD drives that are installed on the system. Right click “WD Virtual CD XXXX USB Device” (where XXXX is a number assigned to the drive) and select the option to disable the drive.

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Should I uninstall WD Backup?

WD Backup cannot be uninstalled due to many other problems. An incomplete uninstallation of WD Backup may also cause many problems. So, it’s really important to completely uninstall WD Backup and remove all of its files.

What does WD backup do?

WD Backup is an easy-to-use backup application. It automatically protects your files, photos and documents with on premise backups to a WD drive as primary storage. Off-premise backups to a cloud as secondary storage for disaster recovery purpose.

How does WD SmartWare backup work?

WD SmartWare backup software:

Standard across its entire line of external drives, SmartWare provides users with a very straight forward (if at times too simplified) way to automatically backup your files. … Then simply click ‘Run Backup’ and voila, your files will begin to copy automagically.

Can I use WD my passport without software?

You don’t require pre-installed software for re-formatting the drive. Hope this information helps. Hey there Ackman, As Anusha explained pretty well, you are free to use external drives such as the WD My Passport Ultra the same way you would use an internal drive in an external enclosure.

Does WD SmartWare work with Windows 10?

WD SmartWare Software is not compatible with Windows 10. … WD Smartware can only backup files, Windows operating systems, and the applications are not supported. Sometimes, the software fails to back up the system, it only backup files and folders but fails to create system backup images.

What is the best free backup software?

List of Best Free Backup Software Solutions

  • Cobian Backup.
  • NovaBackup PC.
  • Paragon Backup & recovery.
  • Genie Timeline Home.
  • Google Backup and Sync.
  • FBackup.
  • Backup and Restore.
  • Backup4all.
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What is WD drive unlock?

With the WD Drive Unlock Utility. Whenever you connect your password-protected drive to a computer that does not have the WD Security or WD Drive Utilities software installed, you can use the WD Drive Unlock utility to unlock the drive there.

How do you remove WD drive locker?

4 Answers

  1. Plug your external hard hard drive to your computer and unlock it with the password.
  2. Run the WD Security application.
  3. Select the “Remove password” and type in your password and then click on the button that says “Update Security Settings” as shown in the picture below:

How do I turn off WD Unlocker?

To uninstall WD Unlocker, you would need to have WD Security installed.

  1. Connect your hard drive that you want to remove WD unlocker from.
  2. Double click on WD security and and a box for “”Edit Security Setting” will pop-up.
  3. There is an option for “Remove Password”, if it is not already selected, select it.

How do I uninstall WD My Passport software?

Uninstalling the WD Software

  1. Click Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Programs and Features.
  3. Click Uninstall a program and select the application or the. icon for the WD software that you want to uninstall: WD Drive Utilities. WD Security. WD Backup.
  4. Click Uninstall/Change and Yes at the Do you wish to.

Does my passport Backup automatically?

This protection is automatic—the WD Backup software does it for you without any action on your part. Just leave the backup source and target devices connected to your computer.

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