Quick Answer: Does HDD come with SATA cable?

Does SATA cable come with HDD?

No, usually the sata cables come along with your MOBO.. But other than that it’s just the HDD you get. There is no software or anything needed.

What cables come with a HDD?

Drives don’t typically come with any cables. You need both a SATA power and SATA data cable. You will have to check your power supply if you have a free SATA connection – you should. Most SATA power cables have up to 3 SATA connections daisy chained on the end.

Does an SSD come with a SATA cable?

OEM products do not comes with SATA cables. Retail version will provide one. With Samsung SSDs, only the Desktop kit will provide one.

Is SATA cable same for HDD and SSD?

Since both drives use the same interface – SATA, then the cables are the same for both power and data. So basically you should have no trouble connecting the SSD you’ve mentioned with the cables that would be connected to the HDD.

Do you need screws for HDD?

If your HDD is a retail model (in a package) it should include a small packet of 4-5 screws, although pretty much every case that I’ve ever bought also included a ton of extra screws. I don’t recall that any of my recent SSD retail packages included screws though. 3.5″ HDDs use 6-32 x 1/4″ screws and you will need 4.

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Which SATA port should I use for HDD?

Selecting which SATA port to use

If you are installing a single SATA hard drive, it is best to use the lowest numbered port on the motherboard (SATA0 or SATA1). Then use the other ports for optical drives.

Can you use a hard drive without a SATA cable?

But nowadays, laptops already have two drive bays built-in and it’s easy for you to add an SSD as a secondary disk so that you can directly clone HDD to SSD without cable. So now, cloning HDD to SSD without SATA to USB cable isn’t a problem at all.

Are all SATA cables the same?

The same cables and connectors used for current SATA implementations can be used to connect SATA 6Gb/s devices. … In other words, as long as you are not using cheap knock-off cables there should not be any difference.

Do I need a SATA data cable?

Your power supply will have enough SATA power cables for anything you need. Equally, your motherboard should come with all the SATA data cables you’ll ever need. The data cables go between the SATA port on the motherboard and your drive, and the power cables go straight from the power supply to the drive.

Do you need SATA power for SSD?

SSD ONLY in packet/Box. You must have your own Power Supply and SATA Cable to connect to this SSD.

Are SATA 2 and SATA 3 cables the same?

Yes, there is a real difference, it’s the data transfer speed. SATA 3 has the potential to double the speed of SATA 2. Like malmental posted, the cables can be used interchangably.

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When you buy an SSD does it come with the cables?

Polypheme. The reason they don’t give you one with the SSD is because motherboards usually come with 2 or more Sata data cables, and this regularly leaves people with extra cables. If you have an electronics store near you they’ll have them, but they’re pretty cheap online and you’ll be spending more on shipping for it …

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