Quick Answer: How do I put iTunes on a different hard drive?

How do I install iTunes on a different drive?

In the iTunes app on your PC, choose Edit > Preferences, then click Advanced. Click Change, then select a new location for your files. From now on, new songs and other items you import will be stored in the new location. Songs you’ve already imported stay in their current location.

How do I move my iTunes library from one external harddrive to another?

Drag the folder called iTunes to your external drive to copy it over. This may take some time, especially if you have a large library. You may have to enter an administrator password. Once the iTunes folder has fully copied over to the external drive, point the iTunes program on the PC to the library’s new location.

How do I move iTunes from C drive to D drive?

Start iTunes with the option (shift on Windows) key held down and guide it to the new location of the library. The application needs to remain on the system drive. The iTunes library folder can usually be moved from the current location to, say, D:iTunes and then accessed by holding down shift as you start iTunes.

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Can we install iTunes on D drive?

Can I install iTunes in D drive? The iTunes program itself has to be installed in the Program Files folder on your C: drive. However with iTunes 7 you can have the iTunes folder which contains the library files and the iTunes Music folder on another drive. … … Select the library in the folder you just moved.

Can you install iTunes on a secondary hard drive?

You can tell iTunes to install to any hard drive in system. But this will not save from having to reinstall program if/when you reinstall OS. iTunes like most Windows programs installs files in multiple folders on drive and makes registry entries. You can, and should, set iTunes to store library on the second drive.

Where is my iTunes music stored on my PC?

By default, your iTunes Media folder is in your iTunes folder. To find it, go to User > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media.

Can I have my iTunes library on two computers?

You can have iTunes on multiple computers, however your library will be unique to each computer. You can use home sharing with iTunes to share music from one library to another within the same household.

How do I export all my iTunes playlists?

Save a copy of a single playlist or use it in iTunes on another computer: Select the playlist in the sidebar on the left, choose File > Library > Export Playlist, then choose XML from the Format pop-up menu. Save a copy of all your playlists: Choose File > Library > Export Library.

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How do I Backup my Iphone to D drive?

Use the following command mklink /d Backup “[desired-new-backup-path]” . Once this command has been entered, press ⏎ Enter and the change will be complete. After restarting Windows, iTunes will store its backups in the new location.

How do I change the iTunes Backup location in Windows 10?

Change the iTunes File Location in Windows 10

  1. Open iTunes on your PC.
  2. Select Edit and Preferences.
  3. Select Advanced and Change.
  4. Select the drive or location where you want iTunes to store your media.

Where is the iTunes library stored?

By default, that location is C:users[username] MusiciTunes. That folder stores the iTunes library file, which is a database of all your iTunes content, along with other files. Your content itself is saved in the folder iTunes Media, which contains subfolders for your music, movies, TV shows, books, and other items.

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