Quick Answer: How do I share my WD My Book on network?

How do I access my book live on my network?

If you can access the Internet from a computer, you can securely access your media and files anywhere in the world at https://www.wd2go.com. WD 2go web access provides fee-free remote access to your My Book Live personal cloud storage.

Why can’t I see my book live on my network?

So, if you are unable to access it on your network or having some sort of errors or difficulties with the drive, you will have to ensure that you are checking on the firmware version and ensure that you are using the latest firmware for your My Book Live drive to be accessible on your network.

Can WD My Book be connected to router?

Still, the WD My Book is a fixed DAS device (Directly Attached Storage), meaning it’s designed to connect via USB to the PC/laptop. So if you want to make it shareable on your network, that would be up to only your router.

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How do I connect my WD my book to my computer?

Tips for Getting Started with the WD My Book Backup Drive

  1. Plug in the power supply to the wall/powerbar and to the drive. …
  2. Plug the USB cable between the computer and the drive. …
  3. The drive should now turn on. …
  4. Look for the new hard drive in My Computer. …
  5. Double click on it and then on “WD Apps Setup”.

How do I access my WD network drive?

Head to the File Explorer and locate your WD Cloud drive. It should be called WDMyCloud. Right-click on the public folder, then select the map network drive option. Choose an available letter from the drive list (drop-down), ensuring to tick the box that says Reconnect at login.

Where is the reset button on WD My Book?

The reset button is located directly between the power port and the Ethernet data port.

How do I use my book live as an external hard drive?

How to turn My Book Live into external hard driver

  1. Plug MyBook into router and allow it to get a DHCP address. …
  2. Login to Administrative website.
  3. Change IP from DHCP to a static IP. ( …
  4. Plug MyBook into your computers LAN port with a CROSSOVER cable.

How do I format WD My Book Live?

How to Wipe Clean a WD My Book Live (5 Steps)

  1. Click the File Explorer icon on the task bar, click “Network” and double-click the My Book Live icon to launch the My Book Live dashboard.
  2. Click the “Utilities” tab.
  3. Click “Factory Restore.”
  4. Select the “Full Factory Restore” option and click the “Start” button.
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What is the difference between WD Easystore and my book?

The 8 TB WD Easystore was faster than both models by about 2 minutes. Shorter bars indicate better performance. The 8 TB My Book is cheaper, as of this writing, and available at more retailers than the 8 TB WD Easystore. If you see the price on the Easystore come down, though, it’s worth buying.

Can WD my book be used as NAS?

WD My Book Live 3TB Personal Cloud Storage NAS Share Files and Photos.

Can I connect my external hard drive to my router?

First, you can connect an external USB hard drive to a router that features USB ports. … This method works only when the hard drive features its own Ethernet port: Simply plug the hard drive into its power supply, plug the hard drive into the router with an Ethernet cable, and you’re done.

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