Quick Answer: Which is better WD Blue or purple?

If you are looking for the hard drive options for the hard drives that are compatible with the write-intensive tasks, the WD Purple would be the best you can go with. … The WD Blue can work effectively with the RAID technology and offer you TLER technology.

Which color WD drive is best?

WD Blue and Green are used for the general purposes of storage, with Blue being slightly more reliable and Green being more eco-friendly. WD Black is for pure performance in media, gaming, and content creation.

Is WD Purple good for storage?

I wouldn’t use the WD purple in a PC, specially as a main boot disk, since you will get errors and might lose bit of data that might not be relevant on a surveillance device. I might use it as secondary drive for storage or backup. Also the WD purple might not go to sleep like regular desktop and NAS disk.

Is WD Blue good enough?

it will work fine… levels may take longer to load but that it. This is true. Actual gaming will not be affected by the drive speed, just the wait time between level or map loads.

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What is the difference between WD Green and WD Purple?

WD Purple is for surveillance. Advised for 24/7 operations. Green HDD AV-GP’s replicate, support, ignore cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors; they are suitable for video surveillance storage, and designed for 24/7 operations. Recommended to work in sync with Synology Surveillance Station.

What is a WD Blue drive?

The Western Digital Blue is the hard-disk drive (HDD) built for the desktop, while the Black takes things to the next level for professionals and gamers. Enterprise and server owners have the Gold series to look through and the Red series of drives are specifically designed for NAS use.

What is WD purple used for?

WD Purple Best Uses (Surveillance, DVR, NVR)

WD Purple is Western Digital’s surveillance class storage. These drives are suited for 24/7 usage and the firmware and caching algorithms are optimized for write intensive applications, as these drives spend most their service life writing.

How long do WD Purple drives last?

The WD Purple drive has a three year warranty, and MTBF rating of 1.5 million hours. So the NAS drive is warranted to last longer but is less reliable than the WD Purple 18TB.

Can you use WD purple in desktop?

Although the Purple will work in a regular computer setup, you will run a much higher risk of data corruption. … unless we put it in a server computer that running 24 hours.

What happened to WD Blue?

WD is abandoning its Green drive branding, moving the Green drive product line into the Blue brand so as to have a single mainstream PC brand. The WD Blue drives are 3.5-inch jobs designed for desktop and all-in-one PCs with capacity running up to 6TB.

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How long do WD Blue drives last?

The hard drive should at least be good for as long as the warranty period. Sometimes hard drives fail before the warranty period but most are good for at least 3 years with normal use.

Is WD Blue good for gaming?

The WD Blue hard drive is one of the best budget hard drives you can buy for gaming. With a rotation speed of 7200RPM and a cache size of 8MB, this drive will still be able to provide a decent load and access time.

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