Quick Answer: Why are DVD cases bigger than Blu ray?

Why are DVD cases so large?

The DVD case size also allows it to hold more disks than a CD case & have the poster art on the front cover without squashing or pillarboxing the art. If you go back to the 80s and early 90s, CDs often came in 12″ tall boxes so they could fit in bins originally designed for 12″ records.

Do blu-ray discs fit in DVD cases?

DVD cases. DVD cases were created for use with DVD film releases, although they are versatile enough to be used with other discs such as CDs or Blu-ray.

Why are CD and DVD cases different sizes?

Question: Why are CD and DVD cases different sizes? … This awkward packaging was used so the new compact discs could fit in the bins originally used for vinyl. Only later, when the CD manufacturers had to admit how much cardboard they were wasting, was the jewel case introduced.

Why are DVDs sold in much bigger packages than CDs even though the two types of disc are exactly the same size?

Why are DVDs sold in much larger packages than CDs, even though the two types of disc are exactly the same size? CDs come in cases that are 148mm wide and 125mm high. … The racks on which vinyl discs were displayed were just wide enough, in other words, to accommodate two rows of CD cases with a divider between them.

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Are all DVD cases the same size?

A standard plastic DVD case is 7.5 inches long, 5.3 inches wide and . 5 inches thick. Slim DVD cases measure 7.2 inches long, 5.1 inches wide and . … There are two physical sizes: 12 cm (4.7 inches) and 8 cm (3.1 inches), both 1.2 mm thick.

What is the DVD case called?

A DVD case, also referred to as a poly-box, keep case, or Amaray case, is an optical media package specifically targeted for the distribution of DVD discs. A majority of the world’s pre-recorded DVDs are commercially distributed in these types of packaging. They are used for movies, audio books, and video games.

What type of plastic are DVD cases?

Some cases for discs can be recycled. CD and DVD cases are generally made of plastic number 6. Some curbside recycling programs do accept this type of plastic, but be sure to confirm that yours does before tossing the cases in your bin.

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