Do Macbooks have DVD slots?

Oh yeah, it does. It comes with the CD/DVD slot. The newest Apple – MacBook Pro with Retina Display – 13.3″ however does not come with the CD/DVD slot.

Do Macs have disc slots?

All iMacs come with an optical drive, which Apple calls a SuperDrive. Unlike drives that have a tray that extends from the computer, the SuperDrive consists of a slot into which you insert a disk. The iMac’s optical drive can read CDs, CD data disks, DVDs and DVD data disks.

Do Macbooks take DVDs?

Everything you need in an optical drive.

Whether you’re at the office or on the road, you can play and burn both CDs and DVDs with the Apple USB SuperDrive. It’s perfect when you want to watch a DVD movie, install software, create backup discs, and more.

When did Apple stop putting DVD drives in MacBook Pro?

Apple’s been phasing out optical drives in its Macs since it introduced the MacBook Air in 2008. The last model to include one was the 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro Apple sold until October 2016.

Do MacBook Pros have CD slots 2020?

The newest Apple – MacBook Pro with Retina Display – 13.3″ however does not come with the CD/DVD slot. … If you want a cd/dvd drive you will have to purchase an external one.

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Does the 2020 iMac have a CD slot?

Answer: A: It doesn’t have one. Apple has dropped installing the optical drive on their new Macs. If you need one then you must get an external optical drive.

How do I play a DVD on my MacBook Pro 2020?

Playing a DVD on a Mac is extremely simple. Just insert the DVD into your Super DVD drive (Super DVD drive is Apple’s optical disc reading and writing technology). The DVD player will open automatically and start playing the disc. You can open it using the Menu and click Play to run the movie.

How do I play a DVD on a MacBook?

If it doesn’t start playing automatically, open Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right, or hitting Cmd + Space. Then start typing DVD Player and you’ll see it at the top of the search results.) Like all DVDs it should open at the Menu, and you can then click Play to start the movie.

How can I play a DVD on my Mac without a DVD drive?

An external optical drive will allow you to access discs on your Mac. To do this, you’ll need to buy an external disc reader that plugs into your Mac via a USB cable. Such an external drive could read CDs and DVDs, play Blu-Rays, and even burn discs — if that’s what you want.

How do I insert a CD into my MacBook Pro 2020?

Insert a CD or DVD

  1. Turn the disc label so it faces up or toward you.
  2. Insert the disc into the optical drive until you feel the drive catch and pull the disc in. You must insert the disc nearly all the way in before the drive pulls it in.
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Which IMAC has a DVD drive?

The last iMacs with an internal optical drive were the 2011 models. You will need an external DVD drive. Apple still makes the olde USB SuperDrive but its compatibility with newer Macs is not clear based on reports here. It is USB3 so should be faster than the USB2Apple SuperDrive, and costs about the same.

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