How do I back up my emails to an external hard drive?

How do I backup my Gmail emails to an external hard drive?

Backup Gmail to Hard Drive

  1. Open Gmail account.
  2. Click on My Account > Personal info & privacy.
  3. Click Control your content.
  4. Click on CREATE ARCHIVE.
  5. Select the Delivery method.

How do I save Outlook emails to hard drive?

In Outlook, you can simply click on any email that you want to save on hard drive and then drag/drop it to a folder on the hard drive or Desktop. You can also drag and drop multiple messages on any local or network folder. These messages are saved in MSG format.

Can you save emails to a hard drive?

In nearly all cases, all you need to do is to plug the hard drive into your computer with a USB cable and the drive is displayed to you in the file manager. From this point, all you need to do is to drag and drop your data files, such as your email archives, directly to this drive and they are copied.

Can you save emails to a memory stick?

Putting emails on a USB flash drive can be a quick and convenient means of creating a backup copy of the emails, including any pictures or documents included with those emails. Plug the flash drive into a USB port on the computer. … Click “Save” to save the email onto the flash drive.

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How do I copy all my emails from Outlook?

How to Export All Emails From Outlook

  1. Access your Outlook account.
  2. Select File> Options >Advanced.
  3. From Export, select “Export.”
  4. Select “Export to a file” and click on “Next.”
  5. Select “Outlook Data File (. …
  6. Select the top-level folder that you wish to export. …
  7. Select “Next.”

How do I transfer emails from Outlook 365 to Gmail?

From the dropdown menu, select the Microsoft Outlook user profile associated with your USC account. Select Migrate all data, then click Next. Select which data you would like to migrate, then click Migrate. Once the migration has completed, your email, contacts, and calendar data will be in your Gmail account.

How do I move emails from Outlook to my desktop?

Move or copy using the Move to Folder or Copy to Folder option

  1. Select the item you want to move.
  2. On the Outlook ribbon, select Move. To move an item to a folder, select the folder from the drop-down list. If your folder isn’t listed, select Other Folder and select the folder from the Choose Folder dialog box.

How do I copy emails to a flash drive?

How to Copy an Email to a Flash Drive

  1. Insert your USB flash drive into a USB port, then go to your email inbox and open the email that you want to save.
  2. Click on and copy the part you want to save, or if you want to save the entire email, addresses and all, highlight the email from top to bottom.

How do I store old emails?

Click on an email in your inbox, scroll down, press the SHIFT key on your keyboard and select another email. All emails between the first one and the second one will be selected. You can drag and drop them into your archive folder, or use the Archive button.

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How do I backup Thunderbird emails to an external hard drive?

Run Thunderbird and install ImportExportTools NG add-on in it.

  1. Once the add-on is installed, restart Thunderbird.
  2. Now, choose a folder you want to backup (such as Inbox) and right click on it.
  3. Select ImportExportTools NG, then Export folder, then EML format to backup Thunderbird emails on hard drive in EML format.
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