How do I factory reset my WD My Passport SSD?

How do I factory reset my WD SSD?

Step 1. In the left menu of AOMEI Partition Assistant, Click “All Tools””> SSD Secure Erase Wizard” and click “Next”. Or, right-click on the SSD and select “SSD Secure Erase”.

How do I unlock my WD external hard drive if I forgot my password?

WD Security

Enter an incorrect password five times in a row. Upon the fifth failed attempt, you will be prompted to erase your drive. Agree to the terms, and then click Erase Drive. You can then proceed with a password reset.

How do I erase my WD hard drive?

Click the Go menu, select Utilities from the drop-down menu, and open Disk Utility. Choose your external drive from the left sidebar, and click Erase. Give your drive a name and select the file system you want from the Format drop-down. Click Erase, and the system will reformat your drive.

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How do I completely reset my hard drive?

How to wipe a Windows hard drive

  1. Click the Start button and then click “Settings.”
  2. In the Settings window, click “Update & Security.”
  3. In the pane on the left, click “Recovery.”
  4. In the Reset this PC section of the window, click “Get started.”
  5. In the Reset this PC window, click “Remove everything.”

How do I delete everything on my SSD?

Windows ®

  1. Ensure the SSD is connected and is not the boot drive.
  2. In Windows 7, right-click Computer and select Manage to enter Computer Management. Under Storage, select Disk Management. …
  3. In the lower right-hand pane, find the drive you want to erase.
  4. Right-click on each partition and select Delete Volume.

How do you format or erase WD my passport if I forgot my password?

Unlock by contacting WD Product Support.

Enter the password 5 times in a row.

  1. After you will enter the password 5 times it will show you an alert ,”There were too many password recovery attempts”.
  2. Now you have two options “Erase Drive” or “Exit”. …
  3. If you want to erase your WD Passport Drive click “Erase Drive”.

How do I unlock my WD drive?

▪ Go > Applications > WD Drive Utilities

On the Unlock Drive dialog: a. Type your password in the Password box. b. Click Unlock Drive.

How do I take the password off my WD Passport?

Removing Password Protection

  1. Click Go > Applications > WD Security to display the WD Security screen, Change. Security dialog:
  2. If you have more than one supported My Passport drive connected to your. …
  3. Type your password in the Password box.
  4. Select the Remove security option.
  5. Click Update Security Settings.
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How do I restore my WD external hard drive to factory settings?

How to Reset a WD Drive

  1. Leave the drive turned on but unplug it from your computer.
  2. Turn around the drive and locate the “Reset” button on the back panel of the unit. …
  3. Unbend the leg of a paperclip and insert it into the hole until you depress the reset button and the paperclip won’t go any further. …
  4. Warning.

Can I use WD my passport without software?

You don’t require pre-installed software for re-formatting the drive. Hope this information helps. Hey there Ackman, As Anusha explained pretty well, you are free to use external drives such as the WD My Passport Ultra the same way you would use an internal drive in an external enclosure.

How do I delete files from WD My Passport?

You can delete filed from WD Passport by simply maing sure your external hard drive is coonected, go to start menu and double click computer. Rigth click on Passport drive and click on format. Format My Passport will pop up and below that place a check next to the quick format option.

Does a factory reset wipe the hard drive?

Factory resets leave data in the hard drive, so those pieces will live on until your hard drive is overwritten with new data. In short, the reset can give you a false sense of security.

How do I wipe my hard drive clean and reinstall Windows?

To reset your PC

  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings. …
  2. Tap or click Update and recovery, and then tap or click Recovery.
  3. Under Remove everything and reinstall Windows, tap or click Get started.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
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How do you wipe a hard drive without a computer?

There isn’t any practicable way to wipe it without connecting it to a PC. That’s OK, though – just connect it to your new PC and when you boot from the Windows DVD to install Windows you can use the installation program to delete / recreate the partitions on it and format it.

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