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How to convert DVD to YouTube videos for sharing

Some of your memories may be recorded on DVD at early time like high school reunion, wedding video, so how to upload these DVD to YouTube for sharing with your friends? Well, if you want to clear up your DVD and pull those memories on to YouTube, here is a quick guide to show you how to convert More

How to upload DVD to YouTube

At present, if you want to record and upload your parties, you can directly use your mobile phone, cameras or video recorders to record your happy time and then transfer to computers so as to put online. However, long time ago we were used to use DVD to record those happy time. I think most of More

How to convert DVD to FLV

FLV, short for Flash Video, is popular on internet as it takes low memory, loads fast and provides high definition contents. People who want to add some funny movies or video clips to YouTube need to convert video to FLV format.

People usually like to record their happy memory and make a More