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How to adjust aspect ratio while ripping DVD

Do you want to find a good DVD Ripper that will help you manually enter the aspect ratio you need? Do you want to obtain a DVD Ripper that allows you to regulate the parameter of input DVD source? Here we highly recommend Leawo DVD More

How to rip a DVD on Mac

DVD can store large amount of media contents, and also provides us with high quality effect. So we usually purchase DVD so as to get high quality content for playing. However, the playing restriction that DVD can only played on hard drive or DVD ROM has made us a bit headache. If we want to enjoy More

How to rip DVD to DVD

What is DVD?
DVD which is also known as Digital Versatile Disc is a popular media storage disc for people to store video, audio and other data.
Why do we need to rip DVD to DVD?
DVD can store lots of good movies and video clips, however it is More

How to rip a DVD

Ripping DVD now is a quite common activity for people to backup DVD or enjoy DVD on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry mobile phone, Nokia, Samsung, etc. As we all know, ripping a DVD is illegal in some countries, so how can we have rights to rip a DVD for our own personal use? More