Tips on converting DVD to AVI

What is AVI?
AVI–short for Audio Video Interleave, designed by Microsoft. It is a file format that is synchronously combined by audio and video. It has adopted a lossy video compression technology but the compression is relatively high, although the quality is not good enough, it still being commonly used. AVI is mainly used in the multimedia CD-ROM to store various kinds of video information such as TV and films, which is the main stream of the present video files that can be seen almost everywhere such as some games, titles of educational software, multimedia CD-ROM etc. AVI format has been supported by many mobile devices such as mobile phone, tablets and some other consumer electronics.

Why do we need to convert DVD to AVI?
DVD can provide us high quality movies but we cannot take DVD player anywhere we want to go. And the mobile devices are commonly used which can also provide us high quality display showing, so if we can enjoy DVDs on mobile devices that will be quite convenient. However, DVDs cannot be played on mobile devices directly, thus we need to convert DVD to AVI format.

Download DVD ripper and install it in your PC.

How to convert DVD to AVI format?

Step1. Load DVD files
Insert the DVD disc to your hard drive and open the program, click “Add” to import DVD files to the program. You can also add IFO files or ISO images.

Step2.Choose the output format
Choose AVI as the output format in the drop down box of “Profile”. You can search it in the search bar which will be faster and easier.

Step3. (Optional) Edit
Click “Edit” to trim, crop, adjust effect and watermark the video.

Step4. Settings
Click “Settings” to set the parameter of the video clip so as to get better result.

Step5. Convert
Return to the home interface and click “Convert” the big button at the right bottom to start the DVD to AVI conversion.

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